Evaluation and Intervention – Horizontal Well Testing Ltd. & Trilobite Testing Inc.

Electric Straddle Inflate System

Realtime  Data Acquisition System
  • Unparalleled Data quality and Reservoir Information.
  • Ability to Log and then sample the fluid recovery at the end of final shut-in.
  • Capable of reservoir analysis before tools reach surface.


Horizontal Production Testing (HPT 1000)

  • This is a wire line controlled straddle inflate system
  • Jointed pipe is run on a conventional rig
  • Wire line tools (wet connect) are run inside the drill pipe on the wire line conductor cable
  • Signals are sent and received from tools every 5 sec.
  • This system can be run on E-Coil
Simulation: Horizontal Production Testing  (HPT 1000)

Downhole Inflate Straddle Tool String

  • Unique jointed pipe /or tubing deployed 5.5 inch O.D. system. Proven technology ( over 1500 tests )
  • Simple & cost effective for new & cased wells
  • Can use close chamber or open to surface at any time
  • Record five different down hole pressures /temperatures at surface in real time
  • Encrypted internet site with a chat window so you can communicate with test engineer in real time
  • Only test company that can log the recovery fluids after each test and identify what fluid came from which zone (multiple tests)